Evolution Silver can remove completely viruses and germs. - High concentrated Evolution Silver antibacterial deodorant solution [IS-X NORO CLOSER]

Evolution Silver
a silver can eliminate viruses and bacteria with excellent induction property that is strengthened in positive ion generated by the reaction with water, since we focused on antibacterial activities of silver.
In 2013, we named this silver "Evolution Silver".
We developed the technique that the nature of silver keeps stable in high concentration.
SEKTakahashi Rensen Co., LTD. was established in Kyoto in 1948. Since then we have specialized in finishing fabric such as dyeing of degummed silk, finishing and processing of printed fabric, and texture finishing. About 20 years ago we started dealing with antibacterial and deodorant processing for fabric in our independent developments of specialized techniques.
We are attempting to apply "silver's activities" that have effects on viruses and bacteria to our lives including medical and nursing care focusing on "silver" that is a natural mineral. KOKORO CARE offers you a "safe" and "high quality" product that accepted by third authorities.